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Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

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Laptop Screen Repair / Replacement

We offer total laptop screen replacement services for laptop screens in two convenient GTA Locations. Our screen replacement service offers a lower-cost alternative to buying a new laptop. If your laptop screen was recently damaged (cracked, scratched or broken), then we can replace your damaged laptop screen while you wait.

Our laptop screen replacement service has all of the most popular screens in stock. Any screens that we do not have in stock can be ordered, typically within 1-2 business days. If you need your laptop screen replaced, then fill out the form below to contact our company and we will get back to you with pricing and screen availability.
Laptop LCD Replacment
Expert Laptop Screen Repair and Screen Replacement

We have solutions available for Compaq, Gateway, Apple, Sony,  Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, IBM,  Dell,  Toshiba, Fujitsu and other models.

Generally, people may not realize that their laptop screen can be replaced. When your laptop screen cracks or fractures, you may no longer be able to see the images on your laptop's display. People quickly realize that this renders their laptop virtually unusable. The good news however, is that the screen replacement process is fast and inexpensive in relation to buying a whole new laptop.

Screen Repair / Replacement Process

1. Using the form below provide us your laptop make and model, and contact details.

2. We will email you with a price and availability for the replacement screen you need.

3. If the price is acceptable, you will need to bring in your laptop.

A. If we have the screen in stock, we will replace your display/screen within 1 Hour (or two hours for MacBook laptop screens).

B. If we don’t have the screen in stock we will open up your laptop, remove the screen, identify the screen part#, and finally, order the screen with our suppliers. The screen part# is critical for making sure that the correct screen is being ordered. The screen should be received within 2 business days. Upon receipt, we would need less than an hour to replace the screen. We will call you when the laptop is ready for pickup.

C. If upon inspecting your laptop, our diagnostic reveals that the display problem is not with the screen, but caused by a cable, inverter or main board failure, we will provide you a time and cost estimate for a solution. Upon getting your approval, we will proceed to complete the repair and call you when the laptop is ready for pickup. Typical cost for inverter / cable problem ranges from $69 to $149. Motherboard repair cost typically range from $149 to $249.


The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Solution

You can buy screens on line from ecommerce vendors, and pursue a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution. While you might save $25 to $75, please be aware of the following costs and risks:

  • You will have to wait 2 days to 10 days to receive the screen in the mail. Your blind-as-a-bat laptop will be a paperweight for the duration.
  • Obviously, there is an additional shipping cost for this delivery.
  • You need to make sure you have provided the online supplier with the correct laptop model and display specifications.
  • You hope the online supplier has the screen you need and ships it to you.
  • You hope, if the screen received has the wrong specs, the supplier would willingly exchange the screen without incurring high shipping costs....and then wait another 2 to 10 days to receive a replacement screen, and pay for the shipping....etc.
  • Display problems can result from multiple causes:
    • Damaged display flex cable (a cable that connects your screen to the main board).
    • Damaged inverter (a board responsible for converting the DC electrical analog current to the AC current for use in your computer).
    • Main board display subsystem (responsible for coordinating all the display functions between the screen, inverter and the flex cable)
    • Other rare and complex causes of display failure.
  • You hope that if the cause of display problems is not the screen, your online supplier would cooperate in the return of the screen, and refunding of your payment.
  • You have the tools, knowhow and time to complete the screen swap.

There is a possibility, in the event of errors in the swapping of screens, that the screen and/or the inverter and/or the computer itself could be damaged, and require replacing/repairing...again!

If however, you wish to pursue the purchase of the LCD screen from The TechKnow Space, without having us install it, please be advised that we only sell parts on a No-Return/No-Refund basis (Parts vs. Solution).

We only use brand new and original screens, which are 100% tested. Problems with these screens can only result from improper installation which can damage the screen and/or your laptop. You must be aware of the following potential problems:

  • using the correct tools;
  • risks of static electricity causing damage to electronic components;
  • damaging the back casing while un-tethering and removing the old screen, or installing the new screen;
  • damaging the bezel while removing/installing the screen;
  • damaging the webcam while removing/installing the screen;
  • exercise caution while disconnecting and reconnecting the cables.

We believe that repairs like a laptop screen repair/replacement should be left to professionals - after all, you would not do any repairs to your automobile unless you had the right tools, replacement parts, and knew exactly what you were doing. Simply watching a YouTube video may not be enough.

If you still decide that you would rather do the replacement yourself and save $50, please have the following information ready before contacting us:

  • The Laptop Make and Model;
  • Screen Size and Resolution;
  • Backlight Type;
  • Screen Part # (located on the back of the LCD screen itself)

You would need to carefully pry open your laptop screen to identify the screen part #.


LCD Panel Types, Resolutions, and Sizes

Display Type (Technical Classification)Resolution
XGA eXtended Graphics Array 1024×768
WXGA Widescreen eXtended Graphics Array 1152×864
WXGA Widescreen eXtended Graphics Array 1280×768
WXGA Widescreen eXtended Graphics Array 1280×800
SXGA- Super eXtended Graphics Array- 1280×960
SXGA Super eXtended Graphics Array 1280×1024
WXGA Widescreen eXtended Graphics Array 1366×768
WSXGA Widescreen Super eXtended Graphics Array 1440×900
Ultra eXtended Graphics Array 1600×1200
WSXGA Widescreen Super eXtended Graphics Array Plus        1680×1050
Full High Definition 1920×1080
WUXGA Widescreen Ultra eXtended Graphics Array 1920×1200

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